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Intuitive Studies: Showing up with Kindness

The more we practice being present with kindness, the more we can show up in an authentic way.



I find our human experience to be very interesting. We really are liken to an onion, our internal states and external forms of expression are layered, and each layer builds upon the previous.

Through time, we build up layers so that we can understand and interact with the world in a seemingly updated way. But as with an onion, our outer layers distance themselves from the core. So, the question becomes - how can we bring ourselves back to the core, the truth of who we really are?

By practicing kindness, we can penetrate through our layers; cutting through the stories and judgements that keep us small and limited. When consciously living through kindness, we can exist more readily in presence. So how do we practice?

The first step is noticing, or checking in. With a moment of pause and quiet breathing, we can take account of what we are thinking, believing, and feeling. We can note if we are reacting, what we might be reacting to, and what energy we are holding onto and putting out.

(What is my internal voice telling me?

What sensations do I feel in the body?

Can I let go of the tension I am holding in the body?

Can I be with this?)

And to all of this: bring kindness. When we let what is- be there- we have the opportunity to start over and begin again. Psychology may call this reworking the neural pathways. By practicing pausing, we change our behavior, bringing space, openness, and curiosity to a situation. The more we practice being present with kindness, the more we can show up in an authentic way.

Thank you for being here!


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